Development of digital solutions

As consultants, we are constantly in contact with innovative digital services and develop tools to address the needs of our clients on the projects we assist : deployment management, partner and contact management (CRM), data warehouse high-volume and high-performance, etc.

For this, we mobilise a team of :

  • Tech lead ;
  •  Architects ;
  • Developers ;
  • Scrum master.
We also develop an agile methodology and set up POC and field experiments.

Project example :

Education Deployment Management Tool

Client : Ministry of National Education



Effios is developing the OPIDE solution to support various education projects. Initially designed in response to the Ministry's need to improve the management of administrative and technical data, the OPIDE solution has been enhanced over the course of our missions.

  • Facilitate coordination between the Ministry and its partners and improve the management of the administrative and technical data of the project's partners (data quality, information sharing, more fluid data creation and updating);
  • Describe the education sector's ecosystem and promote uniformity of information on the roles of partners, the qualities and profiles of partners, enriched information on schools, etc ;
  • To have a scalable tool that can be enhanced to meet new needs as they arise and to provide services adapted to the management of new tasks : deployment management, generation of dashboards by category of player, specific communication needs by category of contact.



  • OPIDÉ's agile approach to design and continuously improve means that the tool is highly scalable. Multiple brainstorming and design workshops, UX sprints, development and retrospectives at the end of each sprint, resulted in a development of a product that is as close as possible to what is needed and how it is used.
  • The solution, used internally as well as by the Ministry's teams, considerably facilitates the management of the project's deployment.
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Matthieu, Etudiant en stage

As a Master’s student in Public Policy, Digital & New Technologies, I completed my first internship at EFFIOS. The great strength of the firm lies in the great diversity of the subjects on which we are called to work on and the variety of tasks that may be entrusted to us. Nothing better than to spend 6 months in a rich and stimulating environment, all in a pleasant, relaxed and unique atmosphere!

I had the opportunity to contribute to the GarageLAB project, in particular to the development of e-learning modules, work for the Ministry of Education on the ERAM project, the "Education and Industry Fund" project and conduct a study on teacher training by ICT in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ensuring that the business needs and technical solutions involved in projects are appropriate. To achieve this, we have developed an in-depth expertise in the implementation and operation of technical solutions and in the analysis of data useful to decision-makers in the education sector.

  • Web development
  • Architecture
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Databases
  • Mock-up
  • Project & data management

Helping the client to position their project in a way that engages and unites the stakeholders involved, to achieve success, and obtain the support of partners and users once the project has been developed. In addition to a sound knowledge of the ecosystem and the methods for structuring the essential aspects of a project, this support requires creativity and the ability to mobilise networks and skills.

  • Strategy & Partnerships
  • Economic studies
  • Assessment
  • Projects deployment
  • Communication & Valorization
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