Data-driven management

Data is a precious factor to detecting good practice, which is often overlooked in the midst of diversity of situations. Public players are devising and steering tomorrow's education policies in a complex digital environment. To reach a large and heterogeneous audience, data-driven management is strategic. We collect, analyse and put data into perspective in order to build digital policies that truly serve the school community.

Project example :

National Audience Measurement Device

Client : Ministry of National Education

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The National Audience Measurement Device (NAMD) for Digital Workspaces (ENT) is a traffic monitoring device based on an external tagging solution. This complies with shared specifications that define and structure the content of the markers. It makes the data from the platforms comparable and guarantees a high level of data reliability, helping to assess the performance and use of the digital workspaces (ENT) and improve their management. This device provides data-driven management tools for education decision-makers at all levels: the State, academies, local authorities (regions, departments, districts, municipalities), schools, solution providers and partner associations.

  • It counts usage regardless of the ENT platform, at a national or territorial level;
  • It complements the main indicators of the ENT platforms, which are different according to each solution;
  • It is a management tool for ENT project sponsors: local authorities and national education.



  • Deployment of the device in around a hundred local authorities;
  • Training and support for users;
  • Data analysis and production of dashboards;
  • Designing and implementing functional and organisational changes to the device in a complex multi-partner ecosystem.

2nd degree deployment (2D)

of establishments with an ENT are in the NAMD
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1st degree deployment (1D)

Schools concerned
ENT projects
Matthieu, Etudiant en stage

As a Master’s student in Public Policy, Digital & New Technologies, I completed my first internship at EFFIOS. The great strength of the firm lies in the great diversity of the subjects on which we are called to work on and the variety of tasks that may be entrusted to us. Nothing better than to spend 6 months in a rich and stimulating environment, all in a pleasant, relaxed and unique atmosphere!

I had the opportunity to contribute to the GarageLAB project, in particular to the development of e-learning modules, work for the Ministry of Education on the ERAM project, the "Education and Industry Fund" project and conduct a study on teacher training by ICT in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ensuring that the business needs and technical solutions involved in projects are appropriate. To achieve this, we have developed an in-depth expertise in the implementation and operation of technical solutions and in the analysis of data useful to decision-makers in the education sector.

  • Web development
  • Architecture
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Databases
  • Mock-up
  • Project & data management

Helping the client to position their project in a way that engages and unites the stakeholders involved, to achieve success, and obtain the support of partners and users once the project has been developed. In addition to a sound knowledge of the ecosystem and the methods for structuring the essential aspects of a project, this support requires creativity and the ability to mobilise networks and skills.

  • Strategy & Partnerships
  • Economic studies
  • Assessment
  • Projects deployment
  • Communication & Valorization
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