We help our clients structure and position their studies to develop concrete proposals for a truly transformative action.

We are also working on research projects around education, aimed at highlighting the challenges and limits of the latter, identifying inspiring good practices on a French and international level.

Project example :

Digital skills development plan for Africa

Client : Smart Africa


For its project to develop digital skills targeted towards African youth, Smart Africa sollicited EFFIOS and One Point to draft a master plan for the development of the digital skills in 54 African countries.

The mission’s objective is to propose to Smart Africa member countries, a master plan which include good development practices of ICTES (Information and Communication Technologies for Education) as well as innovative initiatives, to integrate the use of ICTES into the daily life of their population.



As part of this assignment, Effios submitted 3 deliverables :

  • an analysis report covering the current situation, opportunities and obstacles of digital technology in Africa;
  • a report recommending best legal, policy and regulatory practices for ICTES;
  • a set of trial projects and a concrete action plan including a financial model to increase the integration of ICTES in formal and informal education.
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Matthieu, Etudiant en stage

As a Master’s student in Public Policy, Digital & New Technologies, I completed my first internship at EFFIOS. The great strength of the firm lies in the great diversity of the subjects on which we are called to work on and the variety of tasks that may be entrusted to us. Nothing better than to spend 6 months in a rich and stimulating environment, all in a pleasant, relaxed and unique atmosphere!

I had the opportunity to contribute to the GarageLAB project, in particular to the development of e-learning modules, work for the Ministry of Education on the ERAM project, the "Education and Industry Fund" project and conduct a study on teacher training by ICT in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ensuring that the business needs and technical solutions involved in projects are appropriate. To achieve this, we have developed an in-depth expertise in the implementation and operation of technical solutions and in the analysis of data useful to decision-makers in the education sector.

  • Web development
  • Architecture
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Databases
  • Mock-up
  • Project & data management

Helping the client to position their project in a way that engages and unites the stakeholders involved, to achieve success, and obtain the support of partners and users once the project has been developed. In addition to a sound knowledge of the ecosystem and the methods for structuring the essential aspects of a project, this support requires creativity and the ability to mobilise networks and skills.

  • Strategy & Partnerships
  • Economic studies
  • Assessment
  • Projects deployment
  • Communication & Valorization
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